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Executive Health Assessment

Executive Health Assessments (EHAs) are comprehensive evaluations that go beyond a standard physical exam. They are designed to identify not only current medical issues, but also potential risk factors that could impact your health in the future. The assessment includes lab and imaging studies that are more extensive than routine exams, and it evaluates risk factors for common medical issues such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke. The assessment also includes expert advice on nutrition and physical fitness, tailored to your specific needs. If it is deemed necessary, specialist referrals will also be made.

After the assessment is completed a summary letter highlighting the overall findings and your recommendations is sent to you. With approval, this letter is also send to your primary healthcare provider. At a later time, a full comprehensive report with all the details of your findings is provided. This report includes recommendations for a personalized plan to improve health as well as all findings, labs, investigations, and risk factor assessments.
A doctor reading results to a patient off a clipboard. The doctor is is wearing a white lab coat and the patient is in a blue button down shirt.
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