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Inbody 770 Assessment

Prota Clinic offers the InBody 770, a body composition test that accurately measures not only your body’s weight, water content and fat, but also takes a look into a host of other fields, including the water inside and outside your cells, your body’s distribution of muscles and fats, and even the integrity of your cell membrane.

The test itself, is non-invasive and takes less than 60 seconds. Using the InBody 770, our experts perform analysis to identify injuries, analyze overall health and wellness and give tailored health recommendations backed by research-grade data.

If you want to accurately track changes in your body composition, consider booking an InBody assessment at Prota Clinic.
“After 8 weeks of intense exercise and diet modifications I weighed only 3 lbs less on my home scale, so I went in for a follow-up to my initial InBody. My follow-up InBody revealed that I dropped 7lbs of fat and gained 3lbs of muscle.”
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